On Your Engagment! 

We appreciate the possibility of being a part of this very special day in your lives. 

The pastors and staff of Seattle Community Church (SCC) are prepared to serve you in this important event. In all cases, our desire is to make the proper arrangements that will reflect your taste and bring about a joyful, happy wedding day. More importantly, we would like to help you use the wedding experience as a foundation for a long and joyful marriage.

We have compiled a handbook as a tool for planning your wedding at SCC. We hope it will serve as a convenient reference for commonly asked questions and a springboard for additional questions and concerns.

As SCC Wedding Coordinators, we are your church resource person and will assist you in your planning, at your rehearsal, and on the day of your wedding. If you have additional questions that are not covered in this booklet, please call us at (206) 527-2232.

SCC Wedding Handbook