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One Big Family 

First thing to know about us?    

We are a community of imperfect people. We don’t have all the answers, and we certainly haven’t “figured it all out.” We embrace the messiness of life and welcome people at all  stages of the journey. Maybe you are just wondering about who this Jesus guy is. Maybe you have been hurt by the church in the past and are just starting to think about coming back. Maybe you are looking for find a deeper faith. Whatever it is that you are searching for, there is space for you here.

Sunday mornings are at the heart of our community. Whether you are enjoying breakfast and a latte with friends, helping with the kids and teens, or eating lunch and watching the Hawks game we hope you will feel at home in this space with us. ​

Worship With Us

9:20AM Worship

Join us for breakfast, followed by a simple worship service in the Fellowship Hall. No Children's or Youth programs at 9:20AM.

11:00AM Worship

Our contemporary service in the sanctuary. Nursery through 12th grade programs available. 

Latest Sermon

Matthew 5:38-48

Pastor Brenna Hesch

Unofficial Tips for Worshiping at SCC

Who Can I Expect to Meet?

  • Normal people from many different places. You’ll talk to students, professionals, moms, kids trying to steal your cookies during lunch, skeptics, artists, and others that are here, just like you, because they’re trying to figure out what God has to do with them.

What is Worship Like?

  • We are a Presbyterian Church that appreciates the rituals and language that has formed people for generations. But we aren’t afraid to tinker with tradition. We value community and laughter in worship, so we don't dress up or leave our coffee at the door. 

Where Do I Park?

  • We invite all new visitors to park in the lot behind the church.

A Few Other Tips

  • The cafe opens at 10:15AM and lunch is served, most weeks, after our 11AM Worship. Don't miss out on the free coffee and food! 

  • Look for staff and volunteers wearing name tags: they will answer any questions you have.

Coming Up


Join us as we mark the begining of the Lenten season with a service and the imposition of ashes. 

Women's Ministry 

Join us for a day of fun and relaxation. RSVP HERE

"Those who are generous are blessed,
for they share their bread with the poor"

Proverbs 22:9